October 04, 2009

Arkansasa Rabies Law: Doing What Doesn't Work Harder

Arkansas government and health officials are at long last updating archaic rabies laws. Rather than mandating annual rabies vaccine, they are leaving the decision up to local veterinarians whether to use a 3 year or 1 year vaccine.

Given that the majority of veterinarians who oppose changes to rabies laws depend on annual vaccination as a way to get dog and cat owners into their clinics (read $,) and given that those self same vets make a very nice living off vaccine related illness (read $$$$$,) this is a prime example of doing what doesn't work harder.

Since 1945, government health officials have done a bang up job of protecting us from the scourge of rabies. Canine rabies has been eradicated in the United States. But if states like Arkansas are ever going to have voluntary compliance on a wholesale level, government health officials need to protect our pets from less than ethical veterinarians who use this law to generate practice income.

H/T: Bill Zardus

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