August 10, 2009

Rabies Challenge Study in Budget Crunch

Today Kris Christine asks for $125,000 to launch the third year of the privately funded rabies challenge studies currently underway at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.

Established two years ago, The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust provides a unique private study for public benefit - prove by challenge that duration of immunity of rabies vaccine is minimally 5, and possibly 7 years, in order to extend the interval between rabies shots now required by law.

The Rabies Challenge Fund relies entirely on private donations to finance the multi-year challenge studies that began in November 2007. There are no grants or other funding sources.

Costs for the studies’ third year are $175,000. Since January, the Rabies Challenge Fund Trust raised nearly $50,000 of that amount. We must have 80 percent of the total funding for the year’s budget in hand to begin the third year of the studies.

With proof based on the findings of the rabies challenge study, it would become possible to significantly reduce the potential of adverse reactions associated on our family pets from repeat rabies shots.

A challenge study is the only acceptable proof of rabies vaccine DOI that the USDA, which regulates veterinary medicine, will accept. The manufacturers will not undertake this research because of its costs to their sales. The federal government supports big business.

It is up to us, as animal lovers and pet owners, to stand up for the health and well being of our beloved companions.

Today this stand is financial.

Give what you can. No amount is too small. Give now. All donations received will be used to finance the direct research costs of the rabies challenge studies.

Tax-exempt donations can be mailed to The Rabies Challenge Fund, c/o Hemopet, 11330 Markon Drive, Garden Grove, CA 92841. Credit card donations can be phoned in to Hemopet (specify they are for The Rabies Challenge Fund) by calling (714) 891-2022, ext. 13.

The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization [Fed. EIN # 84-6390682].

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