July 09, 2009

UK Media Mum on Vet Pleas to End Annual Vaccinations

I am not necessarily a conspiracy theorist when it comes to newspapers. Yet there are occasions when news does not accurately reflect what's going on. For example, after concerned pet owners from all over the country besieged Bell County commissioners with letters advocating an extended interval for rabies vaccine, the commissioners convened a meeting with limited public notice and the Temple Daily Telegram reported on it but did not post to its online edition. Makes you go hmmm.

Apparently, according to Catherine O'Driscoll, author and founder of Canine Health Concern, this is a global phenomenon.

Last month, 33 veterinarians and medical doctors from around the world signed a letter to the press. They were calling for an end to annual vaccination. When they sign such a letter, professionals risk censure from their professional organisations, which could end their careers.

Other vets told us they wanted to sign the letter, but feared for their businesses, or they feared ‘upsetting’ their veterinary colleagues. The last time a group of vets got together to sign a similar letter, which appeared in Veterinary Times, they were threatened with being struck off. To see the letter:

http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/k9health/wwwchc/Catherine/International press letter.pdf

Over a hundred pet owners signed another letter. Many signed because their dogs had died or become ill following an unnecessary vaccine booster. To see the letter:
http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/k9health/wwwchc/Catherine/letter from dog owners.pdf

A covering press release summarises the issues:
http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/k9health/wwwchc/Catherine/Press release 2009.pdf

Although it was sent to national newspapers, TV and radio, no-one published it. And yet don’t you think it’s scandalous that pet owners are being encouraged to vaccinate their pets when it’s not necessary? It’s not just that pet owners are being asked to spend money unnecessarily.

The real shame is that pets can have reactions to their vaccines – anything from allergies to skin problems to autoimmune diseases to cancer to death.

How well we know, Catherine.

Hat Tip: Dr. Kim Bloomer, Bark N Blog

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