July 23, 2009

Killeen, TX Pushes Rabies Protocol Reform

Dr. Laura Szeremi, head of the Killeen, TX Animal Advisory Committee, will present information on the need for rabies ordinance change to the Killeen City Council next Tuesday, July 28 to get their approval to approach the Bell County Commission of behalf of the City. This is an important move forward on this issue. If you are available to attend, the workshop starts at 4PM, the council meeting is at 6PM.
Animal advisory committee works to revamp rabies policyPosted On: Thursday, Jul. 23 2009 05:24 AM
By Justin Cox
Killeen Daily Herald

Killeen's animal advisory committee can't change the annual rabies vaccination policy – so it's going to the source.

The committee is sending representatives to the Bell County Commissioners Court and the Killeen City Council in an effort to change the county's policy on rabies vaccinations.

Currently, the city has to fall in line with Bell County's annual vaccination policy. However, some members of the animal advisory board, along with hundreds of veterinarians nationwide, argue that rabies vaccinations should be administered every three years and that annual vaccinations can harm pet health. But they can't do that unless the county changes its policy first.

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