July 29, 2009

Happy Dance: Killeen Takes a Stand to Reform Rabies Protocol

Killeen, TX City Council has taken a stand to push for an extended rabies revaccination protocol with Bell County officials.

After hearing presentations from two veterinarians, the Killeen City Council reached a unanimous consensus to support the committee's appeal to the county for prolonging rabies vaccinations to once every three years instead of annually.

Herd immunity is the primary concern of public health officials - the more dogs and cats that are vaccinated against rabies, the less likely that contact with rabid wildlife will result in a spread of the virus to humans. Raccoons, skunks and bats are the primary repositories for rabies virus in the wild. Canine rabies has been eradicated in the USA for several years. There is no cat variant.

Dr. Bob Rogers, who was instrumental in getting the rabies protocol extended statewide in 2003, astutely points out, tighter rabies control does not result in a greater percentage of dogs and cats being vaccinated. According to Texas Health & Human Services, Department of Zoonosis, only 50 percent of dogs and cats in Texas get rabes shots; but it's the same dogs and cats. And this, says Dr. Laura, has dire and often deadly consequences.

This battle between status quo and progress is not over; but when big city officials agree unanimously to push for reform, the angels in my heart do a happy dance.

Read it in the Killeen Daily News


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