May 15, 2009

Update: 3 Year Rabies Protocol Adopted by All States

Thanks to Kris Christine and The Rabies Challenge Fund, all U.S. states have adopted the three-year standard rabies protocol. The most recent include Alabama and Rhode Island, both of which approved a three year law with a medical exemption clause.

Alabama Legislature OKs 3-year rabies vaccinations 
Birmingham News 5/15/09 

Dogs and cats around Alabama could be howling a sigh of relief soon.

The Alabama House of Representatives gave final approval Thursday to a proposed law that allows dog and cat rabies vaccinations once every three years. The bill goes to Gov. Bob Riley for his consideration to sign into law.

The bill passed both houses of the Alabama Legislature without a vote against it. "It's something everybody understands," Dixon said.

RHODE ISLAND - Board OKs Change in Rabies Policy 
Providence Journal News Digest May 1, 2009 

PROVIDENCE –– The Rhode Island Rabies Control Board has approved a change in policy that could pave the way for regulations that will allow the vaccination of dogs and cats every three years, rather than every two years.

The board approved a proposal to work with lawyers on regulatory language that would allow vaccines to be administered in accordance with the “durations of immunity” listed on the manufacturers’ label, said the state’s veterinarian, Dr. Scott Marshall.


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