May 20, 2009

Dog Dies After Rabies Vaccination, Unknown Cause?

A one year old puppy receives a rabies shot, goes into anaphylatic shock and dies. Yet the cause is unknown? Contraindications on the rabies vaccine label clearly state that anaphylatic shock is possible. What an appalling lack of accountability. Another sad loss. 

COLUMBUS,Ohio—Charity Frazier took her 1-year-old bulldog mix puppy to the Franklin County Animal Shelter Friday for a rabies vaccination.
The shot was administered by medvet.

Charity says her dog vomitted and turned blue after the shot, but when she tried to bring the situation to someone’s attention, she says they brushed it off like nothing was wrong.

Charity took the dog to the Obetz Animal Hospital, where a veterinarian said the dog was suffocating and appeared to be going through shock. Attempts to save the dog were unsuccessful.

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