May 21, 2009

Action Alert: Killeen Debates Rabies Vaccination Interval

After all the current vaccinology science and professional endorsements that support a minimum 3 year rabies interval, after all 50 states have adopted this standard protocol, officials and advocates in Killeen, TX are still debating the wisdom of changing the local laws to conform with state guidelines.  

Regulations for rabies vaccination under debate

Posted On: Thursday, May. 21 2009 05:43 AM

Killeen officials are looking to redefine rules governing rabies vaccinations for animal owners in the city.

Currently, the city has to fall in line with Bell County's yearly vaccination policy; however, some members of the animal advisory board said Wednesday that they would like to see the requirements extended to every three years.

But they can't do that unless the county changes its policy first.

Municipal prosecutor Holli Clements said the state authorizes cities to adopt their own rules governing rabies vaccinations, but those rules can only be more stringent than the county's policies.

And veterinarians disagree as to the necessity of changing the law.

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Heading the Kileen Animal Advisory Committee is Laura Szeremi, DVM. Send supportive messages through the City Manager's office.

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