December 09, 2008

Cheyenne WY Okays Rabies Medical Exemption

Cheyenne WY pet owners have reason to rejoice this holiday season. On December 8, 2008, the Cheyenne City Council passed a 3 year rabies ordinance which included a medical exemption for sick animals. Credit goes to the efforts of Wyoming dog owners, led by Karon Volk of Karontara Irish Wolfhounds, who initially raised concerns about the city's outdated annual booster protocol.

CHEYENNE – The City's Dogs and Cats will No Longer Need to Get Rabies Shots Every Year Wyoming Tribune Eagle,
Page A3,
Tuesday, December 9,2008
by Jodi Rogstad

Pet owners now have the option to have their animal companions vaccinated once every three years. Monday, the Cheyenne City Council voted 8-2 to change the city's rabies vaccine ordinance.

Cheyenne City Council http://cheyenne. granicus. com/AgendaViewer .php?
view_id=2&clip_ id=57

9. ORDINANCE - 3RD READING - Amending Section 6.12.020, Rabies
Tags, of Chapter 6.12, Dog and Cat Registration, and Section
6.16.020, Rabies Vaccination Required, of Chapter 6.16, Rabies
Control, of Title 6, Animals, of the Code of the City of Cheyenne,

ACTION: Approved as amended by substitute


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