December 01, 2008

Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association Recommends Titers

In an uncommonly progressive gesture, the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association has suggested that their members use titers to gauge the need for repeat rabies vaccination.

This runs counter to guidelines laid out by National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians that discourage the use of titers to determine the need for rabies booster shots.

Arkansas pet owners are advised to be aware of local ordinances regarding rabies vaccination. This issue is a long way from settled; local ordinances will prevail in any conflict between veterinary recommendations and animal control laws.

New Recommendations from Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association

Recommendations for maintaining adequate pre-exposure immunization status: A routine booster every two years is NOT recommended since the newer cell culture vaccines often confer adequate antibody levels for 5 to 8 years and risk of adverse reactions is increased by frequent boosters. The standard pre-exposure recommendation for veterinarians practicing in an area with enzootic rabies is serologic testing every two years with booster vaccination when the antibody titer falls below the acceptable level, i.e. 1:5 by RFFIT.

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