September 16, 2008

OT: Help Texas Gulf Coast Pets

Hurricane Ike has destroyed communities across the Gulf Coast.

IKE| The aftermath of the storm

On September 13 and 14, many coastal communities of Texas and Louisiana were devastated by Hurricane Ike. Many of these had not yet recovered from the effects of Hurricane Gustav.

GALVESTON: Humane Society rounds up 1,000 animals left behind

BOLIVAR PENINSULA: Cows wander in community turned to rubble

What you see in the headlines is happening in dozens of villages and small towns along the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast - Cameron, Louisiana, Sabine Pass, Texas, Orange, Texas, Bridge City, Texas, Port Arthur, Texas, Kemah, Texas, Surfside Beach, Texas and others.

Bridge City residents begin picking up the pieces


BRIDGE CITY — Laurie Scott sorted through the flooded mess of her Bridge City home Monday, searching for one doll to take her 3-year-old daughter.

Sabine Lake covered her home on Lake Drive on Saturday morning after Hurricane Ike sent it surging through a previously dry marsh to cover Scott’s yard with 6 feet of water.

Brown reeds covered Scott’s yard, crackling beneath her feet while she and her husband, David Scott, carried armloads of valuables — luggage, a hunting rifle, children’s clothes and a mounted deer’s head — from their mobile home to their truck.

“There’s nothing for me here,” said Laurie Scott, a 29-year-old homemaker, as she leaned across the truck bed, placed her head into her hands and began to cry. “I have two babies, and I lost all their toys.”
With economic uncertainty rattling our confidence every day, charitable giving is especially challenging. Never has the need been greater.

I am painfully aware of the criticisms leveled at big, nationally known pet rescue organizations after Hurricane Katrina and of the demise of Noah's Wish.

So rather than recommending a charity where you can send assistance, reference Guidestar.

A simple search turned up dozens of local and regional agencies that probably would make excellent use of your funds, to help people and animals both.

(Hat tip: Gina Spadifori, Pet Connection Blog)

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