May 30, 2008

Rabies Vaccine Kills Poodle in Boston

Channel 5 WCVB Boston Woman: Rabies Shot Killed my Poodle May 28, 2008

When a Boston woman's 12 year old poodle died within hours of receiving a rabies "booster" vaccination, the veterinarians interviewed by the TV station covering the story concluded: rabies vaccine is necessary to protect the public. Better safe than sorry.

In 1992, Michel F. Aubert, a French research scientist proved that a dog or cat with at least 2 rabies inoculations has a less than 1 in 8 million chance of contracting rabies if exposed. You by contrast have
a better than 1 in 600,000 chance of being struck by lightning in a thunderstorm.

Furthermore, the Animal Veterinary Medical Association agreed in 2003 that there is no medical necessity for re-administration of the rabies vaccine.

So either the veterinarians the station interviewed are years behind their peers on the current knowledge of vaccinology or they are using the reporters lack of specialized expertise in this area to protect their practice income at the expense of our pets.

By virtue of its age, proximity of exposure and the administration of rabies vaccine multiple times in its life, this poodle should have been exempt from further inoculations against the rabies virus.

Yet this dog owner and consumers in all but 7 states are forced by antiquated rabies control and prevention
ordinances to buy a product with no benefit and the potential for a great deal of damage, even death.

Educating ourselves, our friends and family, elected officials and holding veterinarians accountable for perpetuating fear and outdated information is the only hope for reform.

Please call or e-mail the station, WCVB-TV, 781-449-0260 and ask them to do a follow-up story. E-mail Susan Griffin at Also, it would be helpful if you could forward this to your network and ask them to do the same! Any media coverage in the states bodes well for all states, so please send an e-mail or make a quick call.

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