February 27, 2008

Maine Puppy Vax Amendment Defeated

Greetings All!

I've just returned from the Maine Agriculture Committee's work session on Section 7 of LD 2171, the proposed legislation which would have amended the Animal Welfare law to require that puppies be vaccinated against rabies at 3 months instead of at 6 months as the law currently stands.
The official word from the Co-Chair of the Committee, Representative Wendy Pieh, was: "Your testimony plus the followup that we have all received has made the decision that the rabies vaccination time will NOT be changed."

"The followup" that the committee members received was SEVERAL HUNDRED E-MAILS in opposition to the amendment -- they were swamped!! The response was so overwhelming that even the Director of Animal Welfare, Norma Worley, who wrote and pushed the amendment requested that it be deleted!

MANY, MANY THANKS for responding to the action alert! Contacting the committee made a huge difference in the lives of Maine dogs, and the law will not be changed as a result!
Kris Christine
Rabie Challenge Fund

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