January 12, 2008

Drive Thru Rabies Shots: What Next?

Under the category of "what next?"

News for cats and dogs - Drive-Thru Rabies Shots For Cats And Dogs

The Humane Society of Saline County in Arkansas sponsored a drive-thru rabies event this past weekend. Instead of waiting at a vet’s office, dozens of dogs and cats got their rabies shots while waiting in the car. Not only was the rabies shot convenient for many pet owners, it only cost $10.


Let us be perfectly clear. Rabies vaccine does not protect dogs and cats; it is the way that a "nanny government" presumes to protect people from what they believe is a serious health risk. I'll give them that.

What gripes me is the notion that our pets need rabies "booster shots."

Even the conservative and august fellows of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) agree: after the first two inoculations, there is no scientific basis for repeating rabies vaccine.

Humans get a smallpox vaccination once; they are protected for life. So too dogs and cats. We need to learn to trust the drug.

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