September 04, 2007

New Hampshire Kills Vaccinated Dogs

Two Seabrook dogs euthanized after skunk attacks


Baillargeon isn't sure if it was the same skunk that attacked the Labrador. Due to its injuries and risk of rabies, the dog was euthanized, he said.

The second incident happened on Adams Avenue off South Main Street. The dog, a shepherd mix, was leashed to a tree, Baillargeon said. A dead skunk was found in the grass near the dog.

"I couldn't find injuries on the dog," Baillargeon said. "The dog had killed the skunk."

That skunk also came back positive. Despite its lack of injuries, the dog was euthanized, he said. It was not up to date on its rabies shots, and with kids around the house and the issue and cost of quarantining the dog, the owners felt it was the right thing to do.


It's very important for people to understand, rabies immunity does not expire. A dog with one, certainly two rabies shots in its life, is immune to rabies for at least 5 years, probably 7 years, possibly for life.

There is no mention of vaccine in the first incident. The second dog surely could have been quarantined with a vet for 10 days; but destroyed?


This is getting on my nerves. What's the point of poisoning a dog with rabies vaccine if animal control is going to kill him anyway when he tangles with rabid wildlife?

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