August 24, 2007

No Rabies Tag? Don't Call Animal Control

The first rule for pet owners who choose to disregard local rabies ordinances: know the law in your area. The second rule is don't call animal control to report your dog or cat's exposure to a potentially rabid animal unless you can produce a current rabies vaccination certificate.

Rabies question poses dilemma for dog owner

But after the dog dragged a dead raccoon into the yard, she learned that Abby had not been given a rabies shot. An officer came to her house, retrieved the raccoon and then asked if Abby had been vaccinated for rabies. Castorena learned that test result meant that her dog would have to be treated as if it were exposed to rabies. She said she has checked into the matter, and no one has been able to say how long rabies would stay in an animal's system after it died. He said that the dog did come into contact with an animal that frequently carries rabies, and without proof of a vaccination, the dog has to be treated as positive.
Winston-Salem Journal - Aug 21, 2007

Quarantine at her expense for six months - $3000. Or destroy the dog.

The sheer stupidity of this? A dog or cat with even one rabies shot has a less than 1 in 8 million chance of contracting rabies.


There really ought to be a law.

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