August 22, 2007

Making it National

Woopee! I have connected with some other activists in the area of pet law reform and am revising the petition for a natural constituency.

Why not?

The public servants of TDHS couldn't care less about a petition from 500 citizens. They might be encouraged to listen if it were the "right" 500 people. But they were not going to be swayed by my little band.

I have the feeling that right now there are dogs, cats and ferrets suffering needlessly because their owners do not know the dangers of repeat vaccinations and their vets do not tell them.

Insofar as the petition serves to create public awareness of the issue and spares a few thousand dogs, cats and ferrets the insult of unnecessary booster shots, it's all good!

Moreover, my research into this yesterday turned up a surprising fact: while 33 states amended rabies laws to extend the interval between boosters, only NINE states offer a medical exemption.

So let's make it big!

Dig it Aimee. You're famous, baby.

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