June 23, 2007

Exempt Sick Dogs & Cats from Rabies Vaccinations

Three weeks ago, I ran across a New York certificate of exemption from rabies vaccinations for animals under veterinary care for acute or chronic health conditions.


I wrote Dr. Bob Rogers, the critter advocate in Spring, Texas for his thinking.

As fortune would have it, the Texas Department of Health Services is currently considering just such an exemption. They will be asking for public comments in August.

Before you could say petition, I've got one going.

Exempt Dogs and Cats When Rabies Vaccinations Will Harm Them

Now I need all the help I can get to make it visible, credible and effective before the August Council meeting.

I keep thinking I want to inform Dr. McShane about the service she provided. She was correct. The law does require that animal bites must be reported to the Texas Department of Health Services. And the biting animal must be quarantined to evaluate for rabies.

But the law also states that veterinarians should follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding administering the rabies vaccines. And these recommendations specifically preclude giving them to sick animals.

So her adherence to the letter of the law is commendable. But unnecessary.

And now I know why.

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