May 20, 2007

Bad advice reaches critical mass

I made a lot of mistakes with my cat. I learned from those.

Still, is it coincidence that I had a healthy 13 year old kitty until I started feeding her a low-cal cat food from one of the companies involved in this recall?

Kidney failure.

I have a feeling that the confluence of bad food, bad medicine and bad advice for the sake of profit is reaching a critical mass. And it's not constrained to our pets. Harrumph. What am I not surprised?

20 Million Chickens Given Tainted Feed: Birds Held From Market for Study (Post, May 5, 2007, Page A08)

FDA to Test Imported Additives for Melamine (Post, April 25, 2007, Page A07)

Pet Food Recall: 48 Dog Food, 40 Cat Food Brands Affected (Post, March 19, 2007, Page B05)

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